Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice packing it

I'm still liking Insanity overall.  During the workouts though I hate it but I feel so good after.  Hubby and I are working out together most days.  I'm having problems landing softly but can you blame me...I mean, I'm not a cat.  Cats land softly...I can't.  Anyway, partly due to my inability to land softly and my poor coordination my knees have been "jacked up."  I stole the phrase "jacked up" from my husband.  They've been hurting like crazy.  The past few nights I've been icing my knees and occasionally my ankles.  I had knee trouble also way back in my track and field days but I forgot how painful it was.  Anyway, although I would love to ice my knees tonight I won't because my hubby needs the ice packs more.

My hubby went to play basketball tonight.  He text me on his way home saying that he had some bad news.  I called him (worried) then he proceeded to tell me that he hyperextended his left knee and he is on his way home.  My husband loves to play basketball and he is pretty good at it but he has had some pretty painful injuries over the years including: breaking his fingers multiple times, multiple ankle sprains, broken toes, knee injuries, getting elbowed in the eye, etc.  He had been injury free for some time now so I guess it was time for a new one.  I feel so bad for him because he's limping around. 

I figure he should use the ice packs tonight since he has an acute knee injury.  He needs it more than me.  This also means that he will be taking a break from Insanity because he can't be doing all the crazy jumping and maneuvers.  So it looks like I may be finishing up the rest of month 2 by myself.  We'll see.

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I'm not the person in the picture above but I wouldn't mind having that ice pack and those fab abs right now.

Mrs. K


  1. Hope you guys heal up well and are working out together again in no time. I am looking into trying the insanity workout. Gotta keep myself busy(ier) while the husband is away!

  2. So sorry that you and Hubby are having knee pains. Im joining the club! Been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and my knees have really been hurting! I have been wearing my brace, but don't think its that great. I love the 1 in the picture!!! Love that you guys are still doing Insanity. I want to be down 10lbs before I do Insanity!! Have lost 1lb lol!!

  3. Aw man! Knee pains are the worst. Hope y'all get back to normal really soon!

  4. awww, that stinks! hope you both heal quickly!

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  6. Mrs. K.,

    You and your husband are a pair; a lot of owees. I hope both of you heal well and soon. I know knee injuries are not a cool feeling. I have just the opposite. I get aches and pains when I don't exercise.

  7. Hope you both are feeling better soon.
    I'm thinking about buying Insanity and working out with my hubs to be. He says he's in.

  8. You're better than I am! I would be sitting on the couch calling it a day. LOL. So sorry your knees aren't doing so well. You better be careful an take your time with those exercises. I was doing p90x before I got pregnant, and those were similar, and I had problems with the "landing softly" part too!

  9. Thanks guys.
    Sommer and Monique: I highly recommend it. You will be changed. I'm amazed by how much I can do now.
    MommyGlow: Keep at it. I look forward to you telling me about your Insanity experience too. I've been following your blog and you've been doing good and being consistent. That's awesome.
    LilMan and Mommy: I had the same problem with P90X too. I don't know what my deal is. Ha!

  10. OK, you are scaring me. Me and hubs start Insanity this week and I have bad knees from my Track and Cross Country days...cue the whining!
    How far are you into the program?

  11. Teresha: you can do it. It takes a little time to adjust but once you've got a routine going it's all good. Maybe you wont have the knee trouble if you know how to land like a cat. LOL


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