Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great long weekend

Although it wasn't a holiday hubby and I had a 3 day weekend.  We decided to take off Friday and head to the beach.  Hubby knows someone who owns a beach house in Sandestin, FL and we stayed there the whole weekend.  It was so fun and relaxing and so very needed.  We He drove down Thursday night (while I slept).   I tried to stay awake but when sleep calls, it's over for me. 

As I was saying, we had a great time.  We had a lot of alone time (which we always have since we don't have children as yet) but we also spent a few hours hanging out with his family which was also great.  We took tons of pictures but I have to get ready for work tomorrow so here's just one...

Want to hear something funny: hubby brought dressie shoes but they were both for the right foot so he ended up wearing sneakers. Too funny! He was mad but I thought it was hilarious.  Sounds like something I would do.

 Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend too!

Mrs. K


  1. How are you sweetie? Enjoying Florida no doubt;-)
    You look so pretty in your long, flowing colourful dress. It reminds one of Spring/summer and long days at the beach. Hope you had a nice Easter. xx

  2. i love that dress on you! it's fab!

    aww, poor hubby! i would have been mad too, hehe!

  3. You look so radiant, you and your hubby make a beautiful couple, sorry about the shoes :( and thanks again for the follow.Ahh, a beautiful Jamaican to connect with is really wonderful.

  4. Glad you had a great weekend. Sometimes it's just nice to get away to something different. :)

    That's funny about your husband! The even funnier thing is, I've done something similar (right feet, just different shoes) to work thinking I'd grabbed the right pair. SO embarrassing having to go all the way back home! LOL

    LOVE that dress! Pack it up and send it my way, please :)

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  6. OLU: thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I couldn't stop cracking up.
    Rania: That's hilarious that you had a similar experience. At least you were close to home and not 100s of miles away. LOL. Thanks, let me know when you want me to send it ;). Although you are like 4 or 5 inches taller than me, it may still work. LOL. BTW, let me borrow some of that height.
    FAAOF: very nice of you to drop by too. things are good. I love this time of year :)
    Omoy: Thanks. Good of you to drop by again. I appreciate the comment :)
    Faith: thanks girlie.

  7. Awww sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend, and some much needed R&R. Aren't quick weekend trips like that the best? Love your dress!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, the 2 right shoes cracked me up! That's so funny! At least he tries packing for himself. I usually end up doing all our packing while Clint entertains Eli. There is no telling what we would end up with if he packed everything!

  9. I need your dress, first of all.
    And second. Hey boo! Glad you guys had a nice togethery weekend away!


  10. Swy I am a bit late- You guys look great! and is Kornbread growing a beard? lol it suits him though

  11. I just became the 100th follower on your blog whoop whoop! I am glad I found it and can I just say I loooooooooove your dress (I'ma thinking of going shoppinggg lol)
    God bless!

  12. Mrs. H: Yippie! That's awesome. Thanks for following. I'm about to check out your blog too.
    Nenyewa: Thanks cheech! Yup, he's trying to do the beard thing with my encouragement. I love it. It's different.
    Dani: Thanks lady. You're so funny. A friend gave it to me as a gift. Actually she intersected me buying it when we got to the register. She's so sweet.
    D: Hubby would never let me pack for him. He's be too worried I would put pink and purple shirts in the suitcase. We have to collaborate on the whole packing thing. LOL.
    Nini: thanks. Yes, I do love weekend trips like that. With our busy schedules we don't have them too much though. :(.


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