Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick Weekend Rundown

We had a very pleasant weekend.  For me the weekend started Friday evening and it started off great.   I was glad to hear that one of my blog friends is preggers. Congrats to TOI formerly known as MsBabyPlan.  Hooray!

On Friday night hubby and I had Italian at one of our favorite restaurants then saw the movie Sucker Punch.  Overall it was a great night with tons of silliness (like we usually do).  The movie was pretty good--had an interesting concept.  I did a lot of "girl power" cheering while hubby stared at me.

We had breakfast with a couple friend on Saturday morning.  We invited them over to our house.  Hubby made Belgian waffles (Liege type--see below) from scratch.  Yes, he used flour, yeast and a ton of other stuff that I don't normally cook with.  I usually cook waffles or pancakes out of the box (Just Add Water). Ha!  He also made eggs and sausage.  I'm not a fan of breakfast meat but the eggs were so delicious and the waffles were to die for.  I think he makes the best eggs out of anyone I know.

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After breakfast we went to a park with our couple friend and took our dogs.  It was great just enjoying nature on a beautiful sunny day.  After lunch we went to a birthday party for a 1 year old.  She is the daughter of one's of my husband's coworkers.  She was so adorable.  In my usual style, I had a "open mouth insert foot moment" after I asked my husband's coworker if the interesting man that I was talking was her grandfather.  She nicely said that it was her father and that "he didn't age too well."  Errr...needless to say I felt horrible and my husband could not stop laughing at my blunder.

Saturday evening we had dinner with another couple (friend and fellow blogger), D.  We brought over pizza from Sal and Mookies and watched the VCU vs. Butler basketball game.  They have an adorable almost 2 year old son (if you check out her blog there's the cutest video of him saying "praise the Lord.")  I must admit that I wasn't interested in the game at all but enjoyed the time chatting it up and playing with their son.

Today I went to church (the early service) and did a bunch of stuff after.  I went shopping for household items then came home and did some Spring cleaning.  I did a little packing in preparation for our BIG move in less than 3 months.  I got rid of a bunch of clothes that I plan to donate.  I have to go through shoes next weekend.  I rearranged the attic and got rid of a bunch of stuff that I don't want to take with us to NC. 

I should be embarrassed to say this but I had tons of wedding stuff from 3 years ago (left over favors, programs, disposable cameras, bubbles, gifts, etc) that were just thrown in the attic.  I finally went through the stuff today.  I was hoping to find money but I had no such luck.  There were tons of wedding gifts that has never been used and some have duplicates.  Now the attic is organized which should make it easier on us when it's time to move.

I also co-sewed a patch on my neighbor's nursing uniform.  This was an interesting little adventure--the patch is on fine but the bobbing thread was doing something funky so the underside looks a little very erratic.  That's alright, we got the job done.  Finally, I spoke with an old friend today and it was so refreshing.

Ok, maybe this was not such a quick rundown.  How was your weekend?

Mrs. K


  1. LOL at your "insert foot" moment. Sorry.
    Sounds like you had a REALLY busy weekend! The biggest thing on my list was grocery shopping, and THAT is still not done! Yikes.
    What did I do this weekend...brain mush. Nothing apparently. I did watch my husband work in the yard. LOL. Oh wait, we went to Gainesville on saturday to have dinner with hub's sis who was driving down to Orlando! I knew there was something there.
    P.S. Please send me some waffles (or the recipe). They are my favorite :)

  2. Your husband is better than me. I ended up buying a box of waffles because my 5 year old requested them. I don't have a waffle maker but I would love to and start making them from scratch! I've done 'from scratch' pancakes before which was easy, but never waffles. I can smell them NOW! :)

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend with all your friends. Ours was pretty good as well. It was gorgeous out so any time the sun is shining I prefer to be outdoors with the kiddos. :) I DID suffer from a hangover all day Sunday (Had a little too much Girl's Night out fun with a friend) needless to say I will not be drinking anything for a while. hahah

  3. Thank you Mrs K :).

    Your weekend sounds so warm :).

    I am happy you are keeping up your sewing.

  4. What a packed, fun weekend! I need one of those and SOON! The waffle looks great and now I kind of have a craving...

  5. I love homemade I want to dig up our waffle maker. I won't be making them though. Lucky us, we married men who know their way around the kitchen :-)

  6. Okay now because of this post, I want some waffles and scrambled eggs with turkey bacon. And it's almost midnight here! lol~ You have a great hubby, girl!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend lady. It's not often that we hang out with other couples usually I hang with the girls he has with the guys but when it does happen its quite fun. Glad you had a jam packed weekend. Look at you helping others out with your sewing skills! Very impressive.

  8. Oh, I didn't know that TOI was pregnant. How exciting!!! I better head over there and say congrats. So awesome for her and perfect timing too.

  9. Lmbo at the grandpa moment!!! That soooo sounds like something I'd do!! Haha.

    So glad you had a good weekend! Those waffles look so yummy! Can he come make me some?

  10. Thanks for dropping by ladies.
    Jenn: I do stuff like that all the time. You think I would learn to keep my mouth shut. LOL. My husband would be glad to make you some. He's been showing off his waffle making skills since we got the maker a few weeks ago and I think he likes that ppl dig his skills. Haha.
    Crystal: congrats to you. I just read that you were preggers!
    Monique: I'm trying! I need to put more time into it though :)
    Whitney: go for it. My hubby is a sweetie most days. LOL
    Teresha: Amen to that one.
    Rania: They did smell good too. I'm craving them again just replying to these comments. Glad you had a great weekend too.
    Den: LOL at watching him work in the yard. I do that too, then start feeling bad so I try to help then give up and run back inside. Ha!


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