Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today was a great day

Some of you may remember from previous posts that Thursdays are usually my toughest days of the week.  But, today was an exception. 

My hubby made some regular waffles last night (for dessert I guess, at my special request) and some were left over.  I woke up this morning and ate the left over waffles and they were so good.  It was a great and unusual way for me to start my day.  My day usually starts with oatmeal (which I like, but nothing beats waffles with whipped cream).

It was an unusually relaxed day at work and I managed to get out early.  I was shocked because this never happens on Thursdays.  So I was able to run a few errands...

I sped drove to LabCorp to do a pre-employment urine drug screen and got there just minutes before it closed.  I'll be moving to NC in a few months and this is a requirement for my job there.  Anyway, I forgot to hold my pee so when I got there and the attendant asked if I needed to use the bathroom I started loading up on water.  She threatened that if I didn't have to use the bathroom she would have to rip up the paperwork and I would have to request that my (future) job send another set of paperwork.  I think she was a little mad because I barely made it on time and she was ready to go home (which I totally understand).  Anyway, 2 other people came in the lab--to my relief, because this gave me time to try to pee).  I kept loading up on water as I thought about how much time it would take for it to reach my bladder.  I kept walking around and jumping hoping the pee would move down (I knew that didn't work but I did it anyway).  Finally, when it was my turn I was nervous because I still didn't have the urge to go but to my surprise I could have filled like 10 cups.  Kidding.  Ok, I know you probably didn't want to know about my urine adventures was a part of my day.  I was just glad to be able to get something accomplished.  Usually, by the time I get out of work, most businesses are closed so I usually can't get much done.

Before the above adventure, on my way to the lab, I called my husband.  Well, I thought it was my husband and left a message saying I was going to the lab to get my drug test done and that I would be home soon.  After I left the message, I hung up and realized that I had left that message on my friend's voice mail and not my husband's.  I called her back and left a message explaining that I was not a drug addict, it was for a pre-employment screen.  So, she calls me back a few hours later cracking up.  She said that at least it wasn't some kind of "sex talk" message that I left on her phone.  We both cracked up then came up with ideas of what those possible messages could have been.  It was hilarious.  I guess I need to be more careful about who I'm calling and leaving messages for. Ha!

Anyway, I finally got home and did a P90X  video. Hubby partially joined me but really wasn't into it since he did an hour of cardio earlier in the day.  He quit midway and got started on dinner.   We ate then hung out with the doggies a bit.  I sang or tried to sing to my husband (standing in our living room acting as if I'm on stage and using a decorative ornament as my microphone).  I'm bad with lyrics to songs so while the music was playing I was singing random words to songs that I should know the words to (since they are some of my favorite songs).  My husband watched and smiled in disbelief.

Today was a great day :)

Mrs. K


  1. glad u had a good day. The day i usually dont like so much is sunday cos i have classes the nxt day :/
    lol @ the pee story and leaving a voicemail at the wrong number..smh

  2. Your so much funny, I'm really glad you made it in the door. I'm sure it's great to have crossed one more thing off your list of a gazillion things to do before you move. So great you have a job lined up for you there. We should definitely meet up, I have a wedding in North Carolina in Sept. Josh and I may go sight seeing depending on our work schedules. Have a great weekend and keep on singing lady!

  3. I was laughing about the wrong message part! So glad it was a friend you know and that you could laugh about it later. I can just picture you singing to your husband on a pretend mic. Funny! I'm really glad you had an awesome Thursday. Who knows...maybe Thursdays will be your thing from now on.

  4. The message part craked me. The beauty of your day was enjoying each minute that came with it. I am glad it was a perfect Thursday :).

  5. Leaving that message for the wrong person is too funny! I can only imagine if it had been a random person on your phone and not a friend who would understand. So funny!!

  6. D: I know right. I think leaving on a random person's phone would have been way more hilarious. Hehe!
    TOI: I needed one of those Thursdays.
    Homeschooling Mama: I hope you are right about those future Thursdays :) And about the mic, I do silly stuff like that sometimes. My husband loves it so of course I do it even more.
    Monique: keep me updated on your trip to NC because I would love to meet up. We'll be around the Research Triangle area.
    kitkat: thx for dropping by. I'll check out your blog soon. :)

  7. Oh the impromptu singing! I love it. i am horrible with lyrics too but keep on singing Mrs. K!

  8. All the things GME programs make you do are crazy, but you gotta admit that was pretty funny leaving a drug test message on your friends voicemail!!!

  9. Hahahaha! You are too funny! So glad you finally had a good Thursday. Have waffles with whipped cream more often.

  10. I always seem to text the wrong person...thanks to my iPhone screen and not checking to see which profile I'm on. Totally love your blog. New follower here....thanks to one of my readers Dani for introducing me to yours.


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