Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We've met some good people here...

As hubby and I are  preparing to pack up and move to another state, I've been thinking more about the relationships we've built while in our current one.  We have met some great couples here (some with kids and others without).  It would be awesome if I could transplant them to North Carolina but I know that's not possible.  My plan is to keep in touch as best I can (although I'm horrible at it) and to visit often (either them visiting us or the reverse).

We hung out with one of these couples this past weekend.  They live in Biloxi, MS and has 3 adorable kiddos.  Since hubby and I don't have any kids yet, it's a lot easier for us to just pack up and go somewhere for the weekend.  We decided to drive about 3 hours to make waffles for this lovely family (and of course just to hang out too).  My hubby is on this whole making waffles thing for all our friends.  I love it because I think it's so sweet.  He gets all excited about it and prepares ahead of time.

Anyway, we drove down (or up...I'm bad with directions) to Biloxi on Friday night after work.  We were greeted with happy faces and tasty BBQ as soon as we arrived.  D is a stay at home mom that is really a supermom.  Her house is very nicely (and uniquely) decorated, clean, and she makes yummy food.  On Saturday morning we went to watch their 10 year old son play baseball.  He's a superstar at baseball with a Justin Bieber haircut.  Their 2 adorable daughters also went to the game.  After the game we all had my husband's Liege Belgian waffles.  They were a hit and I'm drooling now as I'm typing because I want one.

M: future pro-baseball player

H & A: 2 cutie patuties

Us at the baseball game.  Excuse the wild looking hair.  I call it my "lion hair"

Later that evening, they got a baby sitter so the adults could have some fun.  We went to downtown Ocean Springs  and visited tons of  little shops.  I bought a cute shirt/dress.  We also hung out at the beach for a little while.  We visited the Beau Rivage (hotel/casino) and watched old folks choke on their cigarettes while pulling the handle on slot machines.  Really, that place was a smoker's paradise and I had to dart out of there before my asthma got the best of me.  Anyway, we ate biegnet's before dinner and they were soooo good.  Yum! I've got a sweet tooth, can you tell?

Later that evening we ate at a restaurant called the Blue Fly Inn.  It was not aesthetically pretty but it was on the bay and had a very calming feel.  It also had a family atmosphere and the seafood was good.  I had the Blackened Snapper and hubby had the Stuffed Flounder.  I was so full that hubby ordered dessert and I didn't even touch a piece (highly unusual for me).  Unfortunately hubby had to work the next day so we drove home that night.  Overall it was a great trip.

At the Blue Fly Inn.  See...not too fancy but the food was terrific.
We had such a good time.  It was great hanging out with a couple who were cool, funny, and share similar values as us.   I know people say that it gets more difficult to make friends the older one gets but that is not the case for me.  I've formed some very meaningful relationships over the past few years.  I also look forward to even forming more in North Carolina.

Oh BTW, we found a house to rent in NC and sealed the deal.  Yay! 

Mrs. K


  1. Looks like a real nice free n easy outing . :) Don't worry, you will formed new friends in no time. :)

    p/s: btw, u look awesomely fit!!! I envious of you discipline!

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  3. Fun times!!! Glad you found a place! :)

  4. congrats on finding a new place!

    i love your lion hair! it's gorgeous!

    sounds like a great time spent with friends!

  5. Good luck with the move! I'm NC born and raised, so I think you'll love it! (I could be a bit biased, though ;-)

  6. Sounds like you had a great trip. You and your hubs are such a fabulous couple. You two look so cute together. I see your both super fit as well. Wow, what amazing news! I'm glad you found a house to rent. This must be such a nostalgic time for you two. The future holds so much for you both. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter

  7. I like the mane, LOL! good luck with the move!

  8. Teresha: Thanks lady. You're so funny.
    Monique: Thanks. We are very thankful we found a place. Now we just need to find someone to buy or rent our house. Know anyone? Kidding.
    Jay: I think I'll love it too. I'm so looking forward to it.
    Faith: yah! my lion hair is wild. Sometimes it looks like I came straight out of the jungle. Oh...the humor of natural hair.
    OLU and Rania: thanks
    RedBabe: thanks lady. You can do it too. Once you get started it becomes second nature.

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