Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Attack of the sweet tooth, again...

Ok, I know you're probably saying "so what's new?"  You all probably remember that I have a sweet tooth that is usually worse certain times most days of the month.  Well, it's taken me over again.  It's like crack (not that I know what crack is like first hand, but based on what people say).  

Nothing can satisfy my sweet tooth other than eating something sweet.  I'll think and feel "I need something sweet" and the thought never goes away until I get something sweet (even if it's something small).  Remember my bread and condensed milk adventure Well today it's wheat bread and nutella.  

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At first I wasn't feeling so bad about eating wheat bread and nutella because I read on the nutella container that with milk it's a "great healthy way to start the day."  I started feeling better about the whole thing....then I read that the first ingredient in it was sugar.  Yah, not so nutritious after all.  I should have known.  It tastes way too good to be good for me. Ha!  

So there you go!  For me, it's another day of Woman Conquered by her Sugar Craving.  And I'm sure there will be many more days like this to come.  It's one of my weaknesses that I will continue to try to work on although I know I will fail miserably, well actually happily because I get what I want--sweets!

Hope you ladies had a sweet day too :)

Mrs. K


  1. Sweets are my worst enemy! I am trying desperately to curtail my cravings whenever I have the urge to indulge!

  2. Mrs. K you likely crave it because you know it is bad for you and you work so hard at avoiding it. You have to find somethings that are healthy and that can also satisfy your cravings and also have those sweet things that you enjoy. And then you talk with your inner self each time to make a choice. I had to do this when I weighed 190-200 pounds right before starting college, so I never deprives myself, and it is rare for me to crave it. (By the time you met me I weighed 130-140 and was muscular) I love my ice cream but I craved it more in pregnancy, so I bought healthier sherbets and had that when I needed an ice-cream fix instead of going to cold stone :) my siblings hate my house because I always have junk food and they don't understand how I am the smallest...because on most days I forget they r there and on other days I have many choices (healthy and non-healthy). Good luck, lemme know if it works.

  3. i know what you mean! sweets are not my friend, well they are, but i don't want it to be!

    i truly don't know how to give it up just yet so i kinda just give in to the sweet cravings ... ahhh, at least it ain't crack, hahaha! :)

  4. Mrs. K,

    Have no shame! There are so many of us out here JUST LIKE you. I have driven miles (many) just to satisfy a sugar fix and what is worse both times I did it, I couldn't find the right thing, had to settle for what was there, and the craving continued. I really wish I wasn't a "victim." I've met people who don't crave sugary things and also who...get this...don't like chocolate. I wish I had that strength.

    I thought Nutella was supposed to be a healthy choice.

    Faith is funny. I thought sugar IS crack.

  5. Is Nutella like Peanut Butter? I'm gonna have to google this and try it out :)
    I'm battling to lose weight and make better eating choices :)

  6. I am the worst when it comes to caving to my sweet tooth. Mine is so bad, everyone I've ever worked with will immediately tell the waiter when we go to lunch that "She'll have her dessert first, please...no, we're serious. Bring it first!" hahah They know me too well.

    I am trying to be better about it, but just last week and this week I've caved more than I think I ever have. No bueno. I was just thinking this morning, I HAVE to hit the hot yoga studio a few days this and next week to sweat this crap out of me! hahah I have literally put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks because of my snacking! 5 is my limit and I have to do something about it. Thankfully at 5'10", the weight doesn't show as much on me, but I still feel it.

    Ahh...Sunstone yoga, here I come!

  7. I love nutella so much. But since my pregnancy I am off sweet things. Sometimes I eat a little bit of chocolate but noothing more.I am more into spicy foods :).

    I missed you.

  8. I crave Nutella and it is the devil. I found a site recently that is quite evil as well - www.bellanuttella.com

  9. Hello dahlink, I know I might be a bit of a heathen, but I believe that your body craves what it needs. So maybe it needs some sugar eh?

    Maybe depriving yourself of it altogether is making you feel way worse.

    Hey sugar baby!

  10. I do have occasional sweet craving. But thank god it wasnt for something as sweet as condensed milk or nutella... hehehehehehe....

  11. Redbabe: I know...it's ridiculous right?
    Annie: You have a point there. The thing is, I don't totally cut out sweets--I just crave more sweets at certain times. Ha!
    Mrs.TDJ: I gotta check that one out.
    TOI: you are good for following through with it. I hope I can when the time comes.
    Rania: LOL at "sweat this crap out." Too funny. OMGosh, I do the same thing when I go to restaurants sometimes. I dont want to wait until the end for dessert because i think that I'll be too full to want it then miss out.
    OLU: Nutella is a hazelnut spread and taste wayyy better than peanut butter (but I'm biased because I don't like peanut butter). I'm not too sure what the calorie difference is but I would think that healthy wise natural peanut butter would beat nutella.
    MHM: I think I've had similar experiences but I can't remember the exact circumstance BUT it's a crappy feeling when it does happen. LOL. And I know a few people who don't even like chocolate too. What a blessing or maybe a curse?
    Faith: I know we are in the same boat with this because I know you've blogged about this too.
    Nenyewa: Thanks for the info. I may try that. I do remember not restricting myself when I was in college ever and I actually lost the friendship 10 instead of gaining 15 (although I think that was mainly muscle since I never did anything but walk UF's campus).
    WHitney: let me know if you figure out a way to that. :). Share the knowledge

  12. I remember the condensed milk episode...I recently began craving cookies...and I have been so busy with wedding planning that I have been slacking on my working on. Not good. I'm definitely going to step it up, especially since the wedding is about six weeks away!

  13. Hey! At least you ate it with wheat bread instead of graham crackers! ;) That's gotta be worth something. I've been known to have nutella on 100% whole wheat bread for lunch. Yum! And nuts are good for you! :) There are definitely worse sweets you could give in to.

  14. I feel your pain. I also have a wicked sweet tooth. I gave up on trying to deny myself and juts pick one day a week to treat myself.


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