Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shhh....Come closer I gotta tell you a secret.

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First you have to promise you wont tell a sole.  Do you promise?  Pinky swear? Ok then, I'll tell you.  Come closer I have to whisper. 

So here it is.  I have a wicked sweet tooth.  Yes, it is so ridiculous.  This is nothing new of course.  I've been this way since forever.  I'm writing about this because last night I was reminded of this.  I'm actually cracking up as I write about how ridiculous it is.

Alright, so my husband and I went to the gym last night.  After getting back I had the biggest sweets craving I've had in a long time.  Knowing that I love sweets and I have absolutely no self control I never buy sweets or junk food.  If you visit our home we almost never have any cookies, chips, ice cream, etc. 

I started rummaging through the cabinets and refrigerator hoping and praying I would find something sweet but came up with nothing.  I was so disappointed but too lazy to go back out to get something.  I had to do something to satisfy my craving or I thought I was going to die, yes die!

This is what I did.  I'm so ashamed to say it but I have to confess.  While searching through the cabinets I came across can of sweet condensed milk.  I opened the can and you would never guess what I did next.  I got two slices of wheat bread (the only thing I could find) and spread some condensed milk on each slice like butter.  

I could not eat the first slice fast enough.  It was so good but by the time I got to the second slice reality hit me and I was like "what the heck am I eating?"  I started cracking up then proceeded to finish the second slice.  As crazy at it seemed I got the sugar fix I was looking for.  

I slept so well last night thanks to a can of condensed milk and two slices of wheat bread.

Mrs. K


  1. hahahaha, OMG! this is so funny!

    i have had this moment before too ... it didn't involved condensed milk and wheat bread but it did involve searching the whole house for any type of junkfood.

    those days are the worst, especially when you have no junk food whatsoever in the house.

  2. You are so funny. I also don't keep junk food in the house. It works against you in times like those. Something you may want to look into is cod liver oil. I get it from the health food store. The one that has to be refrigerated, I take Norwegian cod liver oil its non contaminated. Sometimes when you have sudden urges for sugar it's because your body is craving fat. The omega3 fatty acid if taken daily helps to balance things out. I will admit its tough to swallow but so good for you. I get the lemon flavored oil. Oh and another great supplement is Folic Acid its supposed to be good for the baby's brain development and should be taken regularly one year before you have a baby.

  3. I loved condensed milk. As a kid I would call it sweeet milk. I have my hubby hooked on it too. We load it up in our tea, and make it VERY SWEET.

  4. Hey, the bright side is that you spread it on wheat bread! So you were loading up on fiber while satisfying your sweet tooth! I had a rule where I said I'll only bake sweet treats. So when you're having those raging sweet attacks, you really have to be motivated to bake. Helped me lose my baby weight ;)

  5. Lol Mrs k. I loved your secret. We all do it but thank you for brave enough to share it:-)

  6. Oh my goodness that sound so nasty!!! Lol!! My husband has a sweet tooth too but if I ever caught him eating condensed milk on bread I think I would have to take him to sweet tooth rehab immediately!

  7. Bwahaha! Too funny! I've been caught without sweets too and once ate two whole tablespoons of Nutella straight. Whew! Sugar high but I never did it again.

  8. At least you worked off the calories before you ate that sugary goodness!

  9. Ladies thanks for commenting. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a sweet tooth.
    Monique: thanks for the info. I used to take cod liver oil when I was younger and hated it. I'll try taking it again though and see if I notice any changes. Will let you know :)
    Keya: I called it sweet milk too--I remember as a kid sneaking into the refrigerator and drinking it straight from the can. LOL
    Sommer: thanks for the ideas. I like how you see the bright side of things :)
    K Rock: I don't think rehab will work for me. I'll probably keep relapsing. Hahaha

  10. I don't have a sweet-tooth per say, but I do enjoy a slice of warm chocolate cake - it's hard not to do so in Paris. Good on you for giving into your sweet-tooth cravings. I recall condensed milk from my Caribbean days;-)
    Have a sweet weekend.

  11. Oh my!!! Condensed MILK???? I have to give it to you, condensed milk on bread, that's pretty creative isn't it? Lols... As I was reading on, I thought you might have scooped sugars straight into your mouth.. hahaha...:p

    Like you, I've a sweet tooth too. Also never keep any ice creams or chocolate at home. Lols.. zero self control.

    Never have enough room for more food but always have enough room for more dessert. :p

  12. Don't worry chica! We used to use condensed milk to make our Xmas eggnog & my mom had to buy an extra batch for me as I would make the eggnogg while drinking the milk straight from the can! Utter goodness mmmmm....! Also, I used to put ice cream on white bread when I was younger, as in a sandwich! it weird, but some of the best memories I had were around eating strange combo's of food! ;)

  13. @Fashion, Art and other Fancies: Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I love condensed milk--hopefully your days in the Caribbean were as good as mine :)
    @Ray: Ice Cream on white bread beats my condensed milk I think. LOL. I may try that one day :)


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