Friday, September 24, 2010

Departing the twenties with a bang

Written on 9/20/10 to be posted on 9/24/10.  Actual birthday is 9/25 but we celebrate on Friday.

This post is written to honor my best friend's birthday.  We met for the first time in college in 2000 (about 2 weeks after his 19th birthday).  Since then most of his birthdays have been pretty lame--no not because of me, but because of school or work.  This year he will again be working on his birthday.

I look sleepy but he looks good so I still posted it
Because my best friend is the most important person in my life, I want to make it extra special for him (as I try to do every year).  He is quite simple and does not require much which makes me want to do even more.  I must say that I have the best husband in the world and I truly mean that.  Since he will be turning 29 years old I figure it would be good to end his twenties on a very memorable note.

I'll also preface this blog by confessing that I am the world's worse gift giver.  I feel bad for our kids in the future.  Knowing that I'm not so good at picking out gifts, I've created a word document of My Husband's Wishlist.  Each time he mentions that he wants/likes something, I put it on the list.  I also cross out items as I go so I don't duplicate things.  He on the other hand is very thoughtful in his gift giving.

Anyway, I've been brainstorming for a while about what to do.  We are limited in finances and time, so I had to take this into consideration.  Of course, I would love to fly us to Nicaragua or Romania (2 places he has visited alone and he would love for us to go back together), but we can't.  At least, not right now--maybe in a few years.

I will list some of my thoughts and ideas to help me get organized (in no order):

   1. I thought about making dinner (as he loves my cooking) but since we will be celebrating this Friday after work I figured it would be best if we go out to eat.  I'm contemplating Ruth's Chris Steakhouse vs. Ajay's.  He loves a good steak.

   2. I'll allow him to wear what he wants without me fussing--even if it's basketball shorts.  However, I plan to wear a hot black dress to make him be proud to say "that's my wifey."  I bought the dress months ago for a special night like this one.  I'll also wear my hair out (all natural and wild)--he prefers it that way.
His favorite outfit--something comfy
   3. My honey loves ice-cream (I think that's inherited because so does his dad).  I have been turning down his request to get ice cream for the past few weeks.  I've decided to include getting ice cream from one of his favorite places (Bops) as a part of his birthday activities.  That may be his favorite part of the day.

   4. I will listen patiently to all his complaints about work without interjecting with my own complaints.  I won't cringe when he starts talking about trucks, hunting, or guns.

   5. Pick up Tungsten wedding ring that he wanted.  We got him a cheap wedding band for our wedding.  With his job he is always washing his hands so we were afraid he would lose it so we got something cheap.  He has proven that he can hold on to his ring, so it's time to upgrade.

   6. Ok, being the sweet country man he is, he wouldn't mind only getting a pocket knife for his special day.  I hate getting them for him and I have refused to get them the last few birthdays but I guess it's time to bring them back.  I have to remember that it is not my birthday, it's his!

   7. I'm thinking about throwing in a professional massage but we will see.  If the budget does not allow, I may need to get creative and do one myself.

   8. So, this is not a birthday gift, but he will be getting it about one week after his birthday.  He's selling his old truck and will hopefully pick up his new truck soon--2011 Toyota Tundra.  He is super duper excited about this.  I'm excited to see him so excited.  It's like Christmas for him.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when he actually drives off the lot with it.

   9. A funny card works for him.  I like sweet, deep, sensitive cards but he doesn't therefore I will get him what he likes.  I will go to the humor section and find a hilarious card (preferably one with an animal on it too).

  10. He'll call it "gay" when I give him flowers and I'll call it sweet.  I do that occasionally and I think deep down he finds it sweet (or at least that's what I tell myself).

  11. Give my undivided attention.  I will not blog or even thinking about blogging.  Well, I will try not to.  He does not mind me blogging but I do see where sometimes he would prefer my attention and not me saying "give me five more minutes, no ten minutes" which turns into an hour.  He's so patient.

  12. We will have to end the night early so that he can get up the next day on time for work.  Regardless the night will end with fireworks ;)
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  1. awwww everything sounds so sweet. I'm sure he'll love it all..

    I vote for Ruth's Chris

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby

  3. I really admire how you're all about self-improvement. Such as admitting that your natural talent is not gift-giving, but decidedly doing what you can to be better at it. I think your ideas for your husband's birthday are very thoughtful! Have fun!

  4. Thanks ladies, I appreciate your comments. Yesterday went well and as planned. My hubby was very happy as usual.
    Miss A: we did go to Ruth's Chris and he really enjoyed the steak. Also, thanks for following.
    Jamie: I am working on it. I want to be a better gift giver. I like giving but I just don't ever give the right things. lol

  5. Congratulations on planning an awesome bday event for your hubby!

  6. Sounds like great plans! My husband is a simple country man, too! Good on you from banning yourself from the blog...hehe. So sweet. You two seem like the sweetest couple.

  7. Sommer: thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. One of my goals is to cook more so I'll for sure be stalking your blog for ideas. Lol. The hubby and I are definitely not the sweetest couple (but we r close to it--just kidding). We are mostly sweet to each other and to others but we are also very normal and can be sour when we want to be. Haha.
    Also, thanks for dropping by Ms. Pancakes.

  8. i think i just fell in love with you! :)

    this is so sweet! you are so sweet. your hubby is a lucky man!

  9. Faith: you are too adorable and sooo funny. Thanks for dropping by. I think he feels that way most days. I feel like a lucky woman too to have been blessed with such a wonderful man. :)

  10. That is so sweet! I love how you always take into consideration the little things he likes and let him be him. What a good woman you are!

  11. I can't believe I missed this post. You are the best wife ever. I love how attentive you are. You're gift giving skills are improving. I love that you planned on giving your attention and also not chiming in with your own complaints. So sweet.


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