Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Prayer for My Friend Who is Having Some Challenges with Conceiving

I have met a few women in my personal life and from blogging who have been trying to conceive but have not had much success so far.  I hear the hurt in some of their voices and see the sorrow on their faces.   I've also witness the joy and hope that most continue to live with.  Even though I have never been pregnant nor am I trying to conceive at this time, I still understand.  

As I write this post, I have one particular woman in mind and here is my prayer for her:
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Lord, bless _______ and ________ as they go through the process of trying to bring a child into this world that will serve You.  As they face these obstacles remind them to keep You first, not only during this challenging time but also in everything they do.  Let them not forget that, with You anything is possible.  And Lord, bless them with a child if it is Your will. 

Strengthen their marriage through the course and more importantly I pray that their relationship with You will continue to improve. 

Bless his and her body.  Remove whatever physical limitations there are that prevent the process.  Make them both fertile, so that they can build nations that will worship You.

Bless her soul: mind, emotions and will.  Remove all stress, negative thoughts and depressed feelings regarding the matter.  I pray that she draws nearer to You and continue to serve You and give You the glory in everything she does.  I pray that she finds comfort in You and Your love for her.

Lastly, bless her spirit.  Let others see You in her and wonder how she could be so joyful given the setbacks.  Use her to spirit to reveal You to others.

Although this prayer is specific to my friend, you may use this prayer as a guide to help you pray for someone facing challenges with conceiving.  As stated before, although I'm not going through this process, I may want someone to pray this prayer for me one day.  God Bless!

Mrs. K


  1. Mrs. K, this very beautiful prayer, thanks for sharing it. I will keep in my heart and mind. Plus, I am going to put it on my Inspirational Posts!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. That is such a sweet and heartfelt prayer! I know your friend is thankful to have you praying for her. Don't worry about being able to have a baby...when the time is right it will all work out. By the way, I like your blog!

  3. Thanks ladies.
    @Ms. Baby Plan--thanks. I'm glad it was helpful. Wow, that's neat that you will put it on your "inspirational posts." If it could be a blessing to someone that would be awesome.
    @Donna--yay! thanks for dropping by. Come back soon and become a follower :)

  4. This prayer is so thoughtful. So glad you posted this. I am not ready to have children but often worry that it may difficult when the time comes. This past weekend I met a couple who tried for 8 years and then gave up and then got pregnant! I hope things work out for your friend.

  5. So thoughtful of you to post this on behalf of your friends. My DH and I aren't trying (and won't be for at least another year or two), but when I think about my greatest TTC fears, infertility is definitely at the top of the list. My eyes have definitely been opened about infertility after years of being involved on different online communities and reading blogs. My heart goes out to all the men and women struggling with it.

  6. It's a beautiful prayer. TTC can be a stressful process when things don't progress. I hope you friend's prayers are answered

  7. Hey ,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful prayer .
    You are a wonderful person with a very kind heart ....and its a honor to be share a special bond with you .
    your prayer reflects the innocence like a child's heart, faith as a true devotee, surrender in HIS will and maturity amalgated with a sense of purpose that looks beyond I,me, myself....Beautiful prayer M..(Can I use your first name on this blog?)...have a great weekend.MK

  8. Thanks for dropping by ladies. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Manpreet, I would prefer Mrs. K or MK but if you slip and accidentally put my first name, no biggie :)

  9. Hi, I noticed your blog and was on the fence of following because I have been struggling with TTC for the past two years and I'm trying to avoid blogs that are all about being a mom (it gets too depressing and I'm trying to avoid being envious...). However, I decided to start at the beginning of your blog and I find your posts fun and so relatable to the way I think and act, that I couldn't help following. Then comes this post. I really appreciate this prayer and I'm going to keep reflecting on it. It's been hard trying to find a girlfriend who understand how I feel or who I could just talk to or pray with in this past week about my feelings, so I really needed this prayer. Thanks. I look forward to reading on... :) ~Maureen


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