Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm so excited about my new pair of running shoes

Many of you know that I had a full house this past summer so I  traded my "fitness routine" for spending valuable time with my family.  I must admit that this was not too difficult for me to do. I gladly gave up exercising without much protest.  I also ate like a pig but we are not going to talk about that right now.  

After my mom and siblings left it was not too difficult for me to jump right back into exercising.  Actually, I stand corrected.  I wanted to and did start back regular exercising but it was VERY difficult for me to get back into a routine.  To be truthful, the first few days were torture.

It has been close to four weeks and I have been pretty consistent.  My goal is to workout on the weekdays (or 5 times per week) but leave the weekends for travel and other fun family/friends activities.  I must say that I have been successful so far.  

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to the gym in the early mornings.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I skip the gym to exercise in the evenings--either running outside, doing yoga, or a P90X video.  On the weekends, although I'm not formally exercising, I still try to stay active: doing house chores, yard work, washing dogs, going to park with dogs, go kayaking, etc.  I basically don't sit on my butt all weekend blogging and watching TV (although some days I want to).  

DIGRESSION: I do watch the Florida Gators football games on Saturdays but even then I'm not sitting, I'm usually jumping up and down like a mad woman.  It's difficult for me to sit and watch my favorite team play.  I guess when I stand I feel like I'm there.

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Anyway, since I've started exercising regularly I've been feeling good.  The first few days I could hardly stay awake but now I feel so energized.  I particularly enjoy my morning workouts.  I decided to reward myself for being consistent hoping this would further motivate me to continue.  So, I got some new kicks.  I thought about getting the Reebok Run Tone but they were too expensive.  Has anyone tried the Run Tone?  Is it worth the price? I decided to get the New Balance N-Fuse 572 (see photo above).  

I ditched my morning routine today and went for a test run outside instead in my new shoes.  And...I like.  They are comfortable, light and my feet don't sweat too much in them.  I think I still prefer my other pair of running shoes because I'm used to them, but now I've got options!

Mrs. K


  1. Love the trainers. I started the gym and swimming is so exciting, eventhough I can swim a lenght without stopping to catch my breath, LOL.

    You just got an award from me. Please come and get it :)

  2. meant can't swim a lenght without stopping, :)

  3. I like the sneakers and your dedication to fitness. I think I'll go for a walk this morning for shame. :-)

  4. Wow, Kudos to getting back into the routine. I was taking an intense aerobics class and swimming but I haven't done much in months. Thanks for motivating me.

  5. kudos to returning to the routine...i run too in pink and black saucony' them...i am not that motivated to run regularly but i've been doing more consistently than not!

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies:
    Teresha--too hilarious. Did you actually go for that walk after all? Hey, something is better than nothing.
    Ms. Baby Plan--thanks again for the award.
    Monique--so glad I was able to motivate :)
    Miss Pancakes--keep at it. Exercising in cute gear actually motivates me a My next pair of running pics will be pink and black.


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