Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Thursday

You suck!

What can I say?  I'm human (I think). LOL
Mrs. K


  1. hahaha, you really don't like Thursdays :)

  2. HAhaha! Sorry. Not laughing at your misery. Just at your awesome post. TGIF, right?

  3. I hope your Friday and Saturday were better!

  4. Thanks ladies for dropping by and for your well wishes. Yah, Thursdays are my most challenging work days. I try to stay positive but that little negative bug just sneaks up and bites me sometimes. Jamie--it's ok to laugh (even if it's at me--lol), I was cracking up after the fact too. I'm just glad that the worse day of my week is so close to the weekend. It would be so much worse if it was on a Monday :)


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