Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago my husband and I officially started dating.   We met a few days before and decided to spend the rest of our lives together.  So much for becoming good friends first before dating.  We were both young and in our freshman year of college. 

I remember going off to college and being very serious about changing the world.  My family drilled it in my head since forever that the way to do this was through education.  When I got to the University of Florida I was determined to be buried in my books and to not have a boyfriend.  I thought this would be an easy task since I never had a boyfriend before. Boy was I was fooled.

I met this wonderful country boy with ocean blue eyes, looks to kill and charm that was even more dangerous.  I fell in love and I'm still in love with this man.

Everything is etched in my memory so clearly.  Those were the good old days but now the days are even better.  I look forward to 10 more years, no actually an infinite number of years.

Thankfully I have been able to stay on track (fulfilling my career dreams) while sharing life on this earth with my best friend.

Here are some photos to guide you down memory lane.  Some of them are poor quality because I had to take a picture of the older ones with my digital camera.  I was too lazy to scan the pre-digital camera ones.

Two pix from freshman year in college as boyfriend/girlfriend.  We were all dressed up to go out.
The top right pic is of him showing me how to take a booty pic my freshman year (outside my dorm).
Bottom left pic is me in my apartment (which I shared with 3 roomies) 2nd year of college.

He gave me my first dog in college.  Well it was my first real pet outside of goldfish and koi.

Our first ski trip together in 2005 (somewhere in Indiana).

Mrs. K


  1. Awww first meeting anniversary! hope you two spend many more years together.

  2. Very nice story! Thanks for sharing. It would be nice to have you join in the Thoughful Wednesday blog hop on my blog :)!

  3. Aww, nice share! Best wishes for many more years together!

  4. Happy 10 year and I hope you guys have many more :-). Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm already following you. I double's under Tyesha Brown :-) I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!!

  5. Beautiful memories! We still celebrate the dating anniversary too, our children never tire of hearing our very different versions of the night we met and subsequent courtship. Thanks for sharing, you brought a smile to my face.

  6. This is sooo sweet! Awww! :-)

  7. Happy anniversary. Thats a beautiful story

  8. Thanks for dropping by ladies. I appreciate the comments and wishes :)

  9. Happy Anniversary. I love your heartfelt story. 10 years. Wow! You two are adorable.

  10. Happy 10 years together! Wishing you guys many many more years to build more happy memories :)

  11. I'm so late! Been so busy. Hope it was a wonderful anniversary for you guys! :)


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