Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Confession: I'm not a fan of fall

 I hear everyone around me chirping in excitement because it's fall. They are looking forward to the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I must admit that I'm a bit jealous because I don't share the same sentiment.

Now don't get me wrong. I love the fall foliage. And I don't mind wearing fall and winter clothing (especially the scarves and boots). I also love sipping on hot chocolate, chai latte or caramel apple cider (with extra whipped cream on top).

Great Smoky Mountains 2009

Right now, I can't think about too much more that I like about this season. I don't like being cold and no matter how many layers I wear I can't get warm.  I've noticed that I'm less productive during these months.  The days are shorter which makes me feel like I don't have enough hours to do "stuff." 

I've noticed these feelings for a while now but kept them private because I didn't want to "pop anyone's bubble" around me. I mean I don't get depressed but I'm definitely not as chipper as I usually am in the spring or summer. I tend to start perking up after the holidays and the new year.

I wish I could just get under a nice warm blanket and hibernate until the first week of January. Of course I would like to take a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with me under the blanket with extra whipped cream (and have access to unlimited refills).  But, I can't so I've decided to make the best of it. I will join in the festivities while yearning for spring in my heart.

How about you?  What kind of mood does this time of year put you in?  If it's good, send some of it my way, please!  What time of year are you at your best?  What are you looking forward to most this fall/winter?  How do you stay productive when it's so cold that you can barely move?  Ok, so I live in the South so it doesn't get that cold for the average person but I'm not normal--below 78 degrees F is getting too cool for me!

Today, I'm linking my post to Ms. Baby Plan's Thoughtful Wednesdays.  Although my post is not necessarily thoughtful, these are my thoughts :)

Mrs. K


  1. Thanks so much for linking up, it is nice to know what you thing about fall.

    I am one of those annoying people who love fall ;) and your picture above is one of the reasons I love fall, it is romantic. The foliage fall and orange sun which does not shine too much are best. During this period I become romantic and nostalgic about my time fall period in Italy. During this period I also love cuddles :). My ideal day would be sitting in front of a fire drinking hot chocolate :) with Hubby.

    I also like spring because it brings the cheeky side of me and summer the hot side :)! I guess I love all four seasons! Ah, ah, this is MsB.Plan, there is always something in a season that fascinates her :)!

  2. I do like the holidays most of the time, although I get less excited about them every year, but I'm with you on the cold. I'll pass on it. As I type I'm at work with my heater on under my desk :)

  3. Mrs. K you mentioned this sentiment to me and I'm glad you decided to share it. I'm a visual person and the fall colors are so stimulating for me. All I want to do is walk around and find more red, orange and yellow. Winter is a whole other story. I also get cold really quickly and my ideal is being in the Caribbean for six months of dry season. I did spend three months in Brazil this time last year and do feel like it may be a more difficult adjustment. Lucky you for being in the south. NYC winters are brutal. So when you think its cold down there think of us up north in the wind, snow, brick and mortar. Or check the weather in NYC and then you can feel like okay at least its not 28 degrees. Oh and yum I love Chait Lattes I'm working on perfecting my recipe.

  4. I love the fall and winter!! Birthdays and holidays. I know many people who can not stand these seasons, and that is totally fine! I am just weird about Spring. I feel more tired and less motivated for some strange reason.

    Though this winter and Spring will suck because my husband will be deployed. Sooo not looking forward so it :( He was gone 2 years ago during the winter and I longed for the sunny days to keep me feeling sunny.

    One thing I do not like about this time of year not that I am into photography is the short days. makes for bad photos.

  5. How funny! Anything above 85 degrees is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too hot for me! Yikes! I think I live in the perfect climate. It doesn't get too hot nor too cold. Though it does get extremely wet! Today though, I'm with you on the whole hibernating thing. I'm so sleepy! :)

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  7. It's great that you shared your honest feelings about fall. As for me I love fall until the temperature drops below 50. lol Once it goes below that Ms.Scrooge comes out. >:( lol :-)

    I'm your newest follower from Thoughtful Wednesday.


  8. I actually love the fall, my husband & my birthday are in the fall. I love the change of the leaves, I love the crisp air, I love not having to always wear a heavy winter coat. Autumn is just a great time of year for us up here.

  9. Thanks ladies for dropping by.

    Monique: The winters are better in the South. I remember being miserable during the winters when I lived in NY. I don't know how I survived for all those years. Also 3 months in Brazil--WOW, that's so cool. And when you perfect your chai latte let me know so I can sample some :)
    Sommer: I pray that you have a great winter/spring although your honey will be deployed.
    Tisha: thanks for stopping by and also for following

  10. I love fall for the fooliage as well. I love the fashion in fall, browns and tans and orange colours. and there is nothing better than stepping into leaves..i love the crunching sounds it makes. i don't own a house right now so i don't have the hassle of having to clean up...anyway next time the leaves fall, definitely Mrs. K step into some leaves and smile!

  11. I like the fall, because it leads to winter and I just LOVE the winter. It sucks that the days are short, but I love the feelings that winter brings me. It's the time of year when I feel like my family is the most connected and aware of one another. Spring and summer seen to have everyone running in their own direction with individual agendas, but during the winter it's different. Deciding whose home the holiday dinners will be held, doing secret santas, shopping together, meeting at my 80 something grandma's house to decorate her tree together, etc are all the activities that give the season depth for me. I then hang on to those feelings throughout the rest of the year and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  12. In a lot of ways, I feel you. But after the hottest summer on record, I am quite ready for it to cool off -- and for a long time. If we could have a mild winter, that would be great -- just in case anyone who can order up one of those is listening.

  13. you hate the fall?! my most favorite season! NOOOOOO!!! hahaha. :)

  14. I'm trying to figure a way to share email information without putting it here. :) I clicked email on your profile and nothing came up. What would you suggest?

  15. Oh no. You don't like fall. We can't be friends now.... ;o)

    My best, Lynn


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