Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home alone with the doggies and kitty

Gideon, Me, Eliza
Hubby is working tonight so I'm home with two mischievous dogs and one extremely patient cat.   I get accused of not spending enough time with the doggies which is in reality not just an accusation but a fact.  There are some days when I come home and I don't want to deal with our dog children.  My sweet hubby always fills in on those days.  This makes me wonder how I will be when we have children.  Will I have these days?  If or when I do have them, what will I do? I'm sure it will be different with kids.  I think or at least I hope.

Ok, as you can tell everything has me thinking about children nowadays.  So let me get back to the pets.  

I got home from work today and I was so tempted to be a sluggard but I remembered something my pastor said at church last week and popped out of bed.  I'm sure the dogs would be grateful for his message because I would be still laying in bed.  I'll try to remember to thank my pastor on behalf of my dogs this coming Sunday. 

Before I go any further, I must say that I make reference to the dogs a lot which shows my bias.  I do have a slight preference for our doggies over the cat.  I love kitty too but it's different.   I know I should love all my animal children the same but I don't.

Anyway, when I got the dogs from the backyard they were so happy to see me that they could not control themselves.  We played outside to get off some of that energy then I rinsed off their paws and brought them inside.  They stuck close to me the entire time.  While I was washing the dishes Gideon kept leaning on me.  Eliza was so close to my feet that she was almost sitting on them.  They are so sweet--I love them.  Both dogs give the best "puppy dog face."  They did try to gnaw on Sampson a few times but I had to remind them that he's their brother too.

Sampson seems deep in thought, possibly trying to plan his escape
Eliza does continue to be selfish with the toys and sometimes with the food.  Gideon continues to (play) fight her for my attention or my hand for that matter.  Sampson puts up with them but when he loses his patience (which does NOT happen often) he climbs to the highest point in the house and stays there.  That way he wont be bothered by humans or his dog siblings.  Overall they have all been getting along fairly well lately.

Although hubby was not home with us to enjoy the family time, it was still great.  It was fun to see Gideon and Eliza staring at me while I did my workout video.  They also looked so confused or maybe curious while I was listening to music and breaking it down in the living room.  Life is good!

My husband says I speak most of my patois to the dogs and I believe him.  Tonight, whenever they tried to get in the couch I spoke all patois.  You would have thought you were in Jamaica if you were listening outside my door.  I do this every time I scold them.   I wonder if I will speak patois when I'm disciplining my kids in the future.

So I'm curious about what you guys do.  Do you discipline your kids in another (?native) language or accent?  Do you find yourself resorting back to your native tongue whenever you are upset, tired, or nervous?  I do!

Mrs. K


  1. I talk to my pets in the funniest baby voice ever! I know that I sound silly, but I just can't help it! Your pooches are just too cute. Isn't it strange how they just have us wrapped around their little paws? lol

  2. Such a cute photo of you with the dog babies. So glad to hear you've been breaking it down! Good for you. I have yet to start. I think I will set some running goals for each week and also some aerobic and yoga classes.
    Good for you for having all those animals. Dogs are a lot of work so you are well on your way to being the best mom ever.
    I find that I get frustrated with my two cats and worry that I will be the same with kids but I'm much better with humans. I speak Haitian Creole fluently and speak to the Mister in Creole just for fun. He always says...Now you know I don't understand what your saying.
    I love that you speak to the animals in patois!!! haha :)

  3. Whitney: Too cute that you talk to your pets in a baby voice. It is interesting how we think that we are doing so much for our pets but they are the ones giving us so much.
    Monique: Thanks lady. Yah, I've been fairly consistent (whether it's running, yoga, workout videos, etc) since August. It's still a challenge though after all these months though. I think I get discouraged when it's cold. LOL at your hubby.

  4. I would like to have a dog, I am not too much into cats because they are more solitary.

    I was reading your About Me page and girl, we have so much in common it seems you are me ;).

    For instance I am private but thanks to my blog I am opening up. People think I am sweet but I can flip when I am in the wrong mood.

    One day it would be great to come and visit Italy with me. I am happy you are among my best online friends.

  5. yeah, i am not fluent in German, but I find myself disciplining the children in Deutsch and Spanish in public. Totally strange. Your dogs sounds like sweethearts. I miss having pets. But we have 3 monkeys so we're good until the monkeys grow into older children ;)

  6. We haven't had pets in awhile - those darn allergies. But oh do I miss having dogs and cats.

    I got a good chuckle when you spoke about speaking to your four-legged kids in patois. I certainly do this all the time and soon learned my kids could figure out what I was saying even though I didn't translate.

    I like to use the phrase "wap fe frecun avem?" which means "are you being rude to me?". One day I was driving and this guy cut me off. I was so mad I said "Man this guy is so..." and my boys shouted "FRECUN!" (rude) My mouth just dropped open because I was shocked they knew what the word. LOL

  7. hahah! If I knew another language I'm sure I'd speak it but I speak "mom stink eye" if that's a language. haah it's 'the look' that requires NO spoken words that we've ALL gotten at one point in our lives.

    My kitty knows it, my children know it, and my husband knows it. It's universal. hahah

  8. I have no accent to revert to, but my high pitch octave works every time when discipling. :)

  9. You definately will be speaking to your kids in patois when your mad. LOL. My mom surely did.

    By the way I think since babies is on the brain you should start trying now. What do you think. LOL

  10. Keya: You are so funny. Now is not the right time. I know there is no perfect time but we have plans for POSSIBLY late next year :) Although hubby sure wouldn't mind sooner. LOL
    Janeen: So funny. The high pitch doesn't work for my dogs, I try to use a deep voice like my husband and it works most of the time. LOL
    Rania: HAHAHA. I know all about the stank eye. My mom used it on me a lot as a kid and I'm sure I will use it too. LOL at your husband knowing about it too.
    Quiskaeya: YOur kids are so adorable. I feel you on the allergies but I'm allergic to everything anyway and take meds so it doesn't make a difference. LOL
    Sommer: Too cute. I wanted pet monkeys when I was younger but I guess kids are a better substitute. Just kidding!
    MsBabyPlan: You are so sweet. Just let me know when is good for you (about visiting Italy). We will be there LOL So not joking! Glad we have a lot in common. :)

  11. I used to have a cat years ago. She became ill and we had to put her to sleep. I miss my princess! In the near future I want to get a dog, as for my human child. Lol I seem to revert back to my Jamacian accent when my son, Isaiah, whenever he is doing something wrong.

  12. Yes, it will be different with children. Even if you want to take a break from them, they won't let you. dogs were our first children, and they quickly became protective of the little people we brought home. Enjoy this time with your pooches.

  13. I have no animals at home - but when I speak to the neighbour's cat it's always in Patois;-)
    Ahh, so you are Jamaican? How wonderful;-)
    The first image is so sweet, too.

  14. Honeysmoke: Good to know that your dogs are good with the kiddos. I often wonder how our doggies will do when we have kids.
    Fashion, Art and other fancies: LOL at speaking to your neighbor's cat in patois. I'm guessing that's when he/she is being bad. Did not realize you were Jamaican too--that's great!

  15. Wait til you have human children then you will have to figure out how to give the fur babies attention when all you want to do is cuddle with your son/daughter. I do hear myself laying on the patois thick when I am scolding my daughter or our dog...they know I mean business when I start off with "but see here!"

  16. Teresha: LMBO at "but see here." I haven't heard or used that term in so long. My very Jamaican mother who still lives in Jamaica would say "but see yah." LOL

  17. Yes! I love the old revert to your native tongue to show you mean business trick! My mom would ALWAYS speak Haitian-Creole whenever she wanted to scold us in public or private nonetheless! When she started with 'Gade, ou kon sak pase,'(somewhat to the effect of 'Look, you know what')...whenever we heard that, my sister and I were ready to blame each other for doing it! ;)

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