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Halloween: past, present and future

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Ok, so I'm 28 years old (almost 29) and I've never dressed up for Halloween.   This is somewhat of a big deal for me because this is the last year without kids that I will be able to dress up.  Meaning--no sexy Halloween costumes after this year.  Ok, I'm kidding.  I'm not sure why it was relevant for me to mention anything about children in this post.  I guess they have been on my mind more lately.

Anyway, Halloween is one of the first holidays of this season and everyone is talking about costumes, etc and I can't help but get excited.  At my job, my department is having an after-hours Halloween party where all attendants must wear a Halloween costume.  I have contemplated not going but I love parties and other social events so that's not an option.  I've also thought about being oppositional and just not wearing a costume (you know, show up as myself).  Then, I thought about what a great opportunity it would be for me to get dressed up "for real this time."

I say for real this time because I have a story to share.  Of course, it's embarrassing.  I seem to have a habit of sharing my embarrassing stories and confessions with you.  I guess I like torture.  So here it goes.

Each year there was a Halloween dance for 8th graders when I was in middle school.  That is if you had a costume.  So if you were wearing a costume you could skip classes all day (legally), go around to other classes to talk about your costume, and then go to the dance later.  All this was during school hours.  Of course I did not want to miss out.  There was one problem--my family!  We had never dressed up before and since they thought Halloween was "an evil"  holiday it made no sense to even ask about getting a costume for school.

So this is what I did.  I went to school on the day of the dance dressed in regular clothing but brought "my costume" in my book bag.  When I say costume, I mean a dress that I wore to a family friend's wedding 2 years before.  LOL.  I actually can't stop laughing as I'm writing this. 

When I got to school I changed into the dress.  It was a peach above-the-knee length dress with lots of frills.  I also put on my white shoes and white stockings.  I know, I can't even remember what I was thinking.  As crazy as this sounds, it got me into all the festivities which was exactly what I wanted.  I can't remember if I was embarrassed or not.  I do remember feeling a bit weird when we went around to the other classes and I had to tell what my costume was.  

The only thing I could think of was Cinderella (although I totally was not dressed like her--pre or post fairy godmother).  Now that I think about it, I should have said Tinkerbell especially given the length of my dress.  Anyway, I was the black Cinderella in a short dress for that day.  And the dance was a lot of fun--I don't regret it one bit!

I was reminded of this story as I contemplate whether to wear a costume or not.  I will let you know what I decide about that party and my real costume.  I'm sort of cheap (when it comes to certain things--especially one-use stuff) so I'm sure I won't buy anything.  Those sewing skills could really come in handy right now.  Too bad I don't have any yet :)

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  1. Growing up I use to go trick-a-treating and I was a witch ever year. In my 20's I went to three Halloween parties one I was a witch and the other two I was Dorthoy from the wizard of OZ. One of the parties I went to someone else was Dorthoy too. I was so upset. LOL. Halloween parties are a lot of fun. Sometimes the costumes cost so much money so watch out for that.

  2. ok, i am dying with laughter over here! the reason is because that is something i did too!!! OMG!! a lil different but just as ridiculous! i was so going to share this on the back to day Tuesday in honor of Halloween ... i still will share but it kills that someone did the same thing!

    haha, my parents called it the devils day ... still do!

  3. So I love that you are so vocal about your baby obsession. I've got baby on the brain too but I don't vocalize it that much. I guess because there's a wedding ahead of us.
    You are soo cute. I love that you snuck a dress anyways and enjoyed the festivities . One year I didn't have a costume and my mom can't sew and didn't want to buy me a costume so she put me in a dress I wore to a wedding and said I was a princess (no crown). She also put me in an African outfit the following year and said I was an African Queen. My best costume was as an adult I was a tooth fairy. I hot glued toothbrushes to my crown...It was the best costume ever. Not sure I can top that but I will try. Thanks for posting this. Let us know what you choose and so excited that you may be with child this time next year.

  4. Carnevale was the version I grow up with. People dress up in Febraury but I never did that. I will wear my regular clothing them wear a mask or handmade mask, LOL.

    I am looking forward to the Halloween fever in Canada. Nowadays Europe is embracing the mood of Halloween but I don't get it very much. I hope my kids will be part of the Canadian Halloween mood amd maybe I will enjoy dressing up too.

    I will be nice to be with children next year :)! Baby dust both ways :) LOL!

  5. I think that you should definitely splurge and dress up this year! This is actually my 1st year dressing up since I was a kid! Actually, this is my 1st year going to a costume party EVER! DO IT before you have babies!!! lol

  6. Thanks for all your fun comments/stories.
    Keya: I'm sure I won't spend that much money on a costume--I'd rather make something before I do...LOL
    Faith: Your hilarious. You should totally still share your story. I want to hear it. I love a good laugh (obviously). :) Parents are so hilarious--gotta love them
    Monique: Thanks for sharing your halloween stories of the past. And I am excited about babies too (and nervous too of course). We r not trying yet but we plan to some time later next year.
    MsBabyPlan: I learned something new from you today. You are too cute with the baby dust--I don't need it just yet though--you can take most of it for now but save some for me for later :)
    Whitney: Thanks for dropping by. I'll take your advice to dress up--may not be splurging though LOL :)

  7. Can't wait to see what you do. I actually was thinking of NOT dressing up for the first time ever. But, I've changed my mind. I'm thinking of forcing my hubby to do something matchy-matchy. :D

  8. We are "take it or leave it" here about Halloween but for the kids, we like to dress up. Our 4 year old didn't care about Halloween until he was 3! The last time I dressed up was for an office party as well and I just wore white long johns and shirt and wrapped gauze all over me. Yeah, I was a mummy. Easy -peazy.

    Also, an EASY fun costume we've done is "Partly cloudy with a chance of rain". Blue or gray tshirt with cotton balls glued on. Carry a spray water bottle (blue) and when someone asks you what you are, you say what you are and lightly spray them. You'll get laughs every time. (we like the kooky, funny adult costumes).


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