Friday, October 22, 2010


As I was running at my neighborhood park about 2 days ago I thought about a few things.  First of all, I will say that I was not running because someone was chasing me.  I was running for several reasons leisure, exercise, to clear my thoughts, for relaxation.  You see, I love running (always did).  Based on my body habitus one would expect me to be able to run miles, but that's not the case (thanks to a big nuisance I call asthma).  I've always ran solo but recently I've thought about how nice it would be to have a running partner.  My husband is out of the question because he hates running.  Then this ad came to my mind.

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Young enthusiastic 20-something female runner 
Seeking fellow female running mate in MS
Must love long runs in the park 
Moderate pace preferred of course
No more than 5 miles for now
Must not be bothered freaked out by heavy breathing while running
Must have back up asthma pump handy (since I sometimes forget mine)
Must run, can't walk (not even power walk)
Evening running preferred

Call Mrs. K at 555-5555 if interested!
By the way, I'm an Aries

I saw a potential running buddy at the park.  She was probably 15-20 years older than me.  She appeared athletic and I thought she would be a great candidate.  But...she blew me out of the water.  Completely left me in the dust.  So much for that.

Actually I'm not so sure I want/need a running partner.  I guess it's more just someone to tell me to take that first step--to tell me to get some shorts on then drag me out of the house.  More like a daily running accountability partner.

Mrs. K


  1. Hi Mrs. K
    I'd love to be your virtual running partner. I definitely need to get back into exercise mode. I weigh the same but it doesn't all look the same. I'm losing muscle tone and fall is the perfect time for running. I may even continue into the winter...If I can get started.
    This summer I can four miles straight, just to see if I still had it but my body hurt for the whole week. Even when I laughed. Let's work on our pre baby bodies together. I want to have a natural birth and think its necessary to be as strong as possible.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. I'll let you know how things go for me.

    Thanks for your lovely thoughts.

  2. I agree that having a partner makes a lot of stuff better. I am a budding runner (I just started a few months ago) and my hubs comes with me. Mostly because I wouldn't go out running by myself because I am afaird of thugs and dogs.

  3. aww, i want to run! i need someone to push me to start running, so i know that having a partner would make it a lil more fun and you will be held accountable too. i just dont want to do it by myself and doing it at the gym on the threadmill is kinda nerve wracking. i just picture me falling off the darn thing.

    hubby has asthma too so when he plays rugby that pump is a must have. i freak out if he forgets it. :/

  4. I used to go running with one of my collegues, but then after her wedding she stop being fit therefore I use the tredmill in the gym.

    I have tried running with Hubby couple of times, but running with him is boring because he thinks I walk instead of running.

    Okay, I prefer jogging because I don't want to build up muscles, LOL!

  5. You and me both girl!!! I just need someone to say, "Hey! I've got the girls, get your butt a-movin'!!" **sighs** So far that hasn't happened. :P

  6. Hey, I'm an Aries too! Sadly, I detest running. I wish I didn't. I would love to say I ran a marathon someday, but how do you do that when you don't like running?

    So awesome that you don't let your asthma get in your way! I hope you find a great running partner!

  7. I appreciate all your comments.
    Monique: I have the same problem. I weigh the same but I look and feel a lot less athletic. Yes, we should work on our pre-baby bodies together. I have to think about how we can do this. I'm so serious--I'm not just saying that. If you come up with any ideas let me know.
    K.Rock: I'm lmbo at "thugs and dogs" comments. Thankfully that's not a problem yet. My husband plays basketball and do other things--he hates running and I can't play b-ball.
    Faith: I feel you about the treadmill so that's why I do the elliptical. LOL
    MsBabyPlan: It's sad that so many ppl try to work out before their wedding then ditch it after. I'm trying to go for the long haul (lifetime commitment)--easier said than done of course.
    W.I.D.T: I don't know how I will do it when I have kids. Probably will have hubby be in charge for a few hours a week while I do it--I don't know.
    Dr. Mom: Yay for Aries! LOL Same here with the marathon. I do love running but not enough to initiate it. Once I start I'm good to go! Yeah and about the asthma--I was diagnosed in college and it freaked me out because I thought that I wouldn't be able to do anything but that is definitely not the case. I just try to have a pump in every purse, in my car, everywhere. LOL.

  8. I would love to start running. Maybe one day. It usually hurts my chest when I run. I have to work on my breathing. Good luck finding a partner.

  9. Ah, you are such experienced runners;-)
    I don't run but admire those who admire.
    I ride, play polo and tennis. Keep running my sweet;-)

  10. Where can I fill out the application for the accountability partner? I would be GREAT for the job!

  11. Rhonda: you are too sweet. I agree that you would be excellent. How do I get it going? I so appreciate you giving me the info about beachbody. I gotta do better :)


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