Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day saved by one fine man and some yummy popcorn

Yesterday started off somewhat rough but ended pretty well.  So let me start from the beginning.  I have to take this yearly exam every October for training/work.  I have known about this exam since forever because I have taken it every October (for the past 3 years).  Although it's in my field each year, the questions are different. 

Each year I take it I vow that I will study extremely hard for it the next year.  I usually walk out of the test saying "wow, that wasn't so bad.  If had studied I would have done great."  Let me just say that this is not a test that you just study the night before for.  It would take months of preparation.  Needless to say, being the procrastinator that I am I don't prepare in advance.  It's difficult for me to prepare for something that seems soooo far away!

Anyway, I woke up early the morning of the test and tried to cram some facts in my brain.  I "overstudied" (meaning I wasn't paying attention to the time and was almost late for the test).  That would not have been good.  I took the first part, had a break, then took the second part.  Wait, I failed to mention is that I got a visit from mother nature during the first part of the test (which really sucked) and I was cramping so much during the second part.

When the test was over I could hardly wait to get home to see my honey.  All I could think about was getting home and giving him a big hug.  It's so good to have a way to de-stress after a  challenging day.  On my way home by husband text me to not stop to look around the house when I got home.  He told me to go straight upstairs.  I figure he had something up his sleeve but I didn't know what it was.

He arrived home and I was so happy to see him.  When I got downstairs he showed me a huge can of popcorn.  I got even happier.  This was not just any popcorn.  This was gourmet popcorn from Garrett's in Chicago.  It is so good.  We visited Chicago for the first time for a friend's wedding this past May and we overindulged in the popcorn.  I don't even like popcorn that much but this is not your regular popcorn.  We loved it so much we even brought some back  (2 large bags) on the airplane with us.

I have been meaning to have my friend send us some and I drool every time I visit Garrett's website.  I never got around to asking her (of course not, I'm a procrastinator and I'm forgetful).  And I never ordered from their website because it's expensive including shipping.  I remember my honey asking me a few weeks ago what I thought about him wasting $61 on something.  I told him that it was fine especially since both of us work our butt's off.  At the time I didn't know what he was buying.

I am so glad he got that popcorn.  After a challenging day I had my favorite man and my favorite popcorn.   What a great ending!

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Mrs. K


  1. awww that's sweet of him! i wonder what your field and tests are?

  2. Hey sssdawna, thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I visited your page and it's pretty neat...I'm your newest follower (so far). I was unable to leave a comment on your posts so I am leaving it here--sorry! I don't know why.

  3. Hi Mrs. K I hope you did well on your test and what a tough day with cramps and all. You have such a supportive husband. Wow! What a sweetheart. You deserve that yummy popcorn after the crazy day you had. Glad the day ended better than it started.

  4. What a sweet, sensitive and thoughtful Husband you have. Am sure you enjoyed the Popcorn, too.
    Hope you are feeling better and that all cramps are now away on Holiday. Have a nicew Sunday and a happy week;-)

  5. P.S. I posted the awards you gave me and wrote a little snippet about you.

  6. All's well that ends well! Your husband is very thoughtful, and talk about superb timing!

  7. Thanks for the comments ladies. My husband is a sweetie...most of the time ;). LOL
    Monique: I won't find out the results from my test until Jan/Feb 2011. And thanks again for your very sweet words. I was surprised how well you know me :)
    Fashion: I did enjoy that popcorn. As I ate I kept debating if cheddar or caramel was better--couldn't come to a conclusion--it's a tie.
    T: yes that was great timing. It was sooo good!

  8. It's a never ending story. Come next year, it will still be "if I have work a tad bit harder, I would do better"...lols...

    Anyway, an evening like that, is always a good closure to a stressful day.


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