Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sew and sew...

That is how my new hobby is going.  If you remember, I bought a vintage sewing machine to practice sewing on.  I can hand sew but I have never used a sewing machine before and I did not realize how difficult it would be.  I bought a vintage one because 1) it was cheap and 2) I thought that if I learned how to sew on it, I could sew on anything.  Now I'm reconsidering my second thought because this thing is so complicated.

I have spent hours trying to figure out the technical details and workings of it.  I finally know most of the parts and what they do (except for the presser bar--I still can't figure out what it's for).  I've searched hundreds of sewing sites/blogs trying to piece information together. 

Remember this (labels and all)

So far I've set up the regular thread, the bobbin thread (which I actually did not know existed before my adventure), and the needle.  I think I know how to adjust the tension on both threads but I don't know: when to adjust tension? what tension is good and what isn't? or if the tension is the reason why I'm having such difficulty? 

Being very type A personality, one would not even fathom how much time I have spent on this but still have not sewn a stitch.  It's not like I didn't try.  I've just failed miserably.  And I am determined not to give up!  As the days go by I see my dream of sewing my (future) babies' clothes fading away. 

I said it was going so-so but it's actually been pretty bad.  After setting up everything I try to sew but the machine gets jammed, no stitch is shown despite pressing the foot pedal, or the bobbin thread (the underside) looks like a big ball of mess.  Grrrgh!

I have decided to ask for help--with a little nudge from my husband.  We plan to visit Florida in a few weeks so I will take that heavy thing with me so that my husband's sister (who is good at everything--really she is) can give me some direction.  I feel like I'm so close to getting it but then I don't actually get it.  I guess I just have to give in and get help.  I was trying to teach myself but if I want to alter that dress (see older post) by late spring, I will need some help soon.

So anyway, I will keep you posted.  Don't worry I've never been a quitter so I will learn how to sew using a sewing machine even if it's the last thing I do on this Earth.  I know, intense right?

Mrs. K


  1. Hahaha! You are incredible! I would have given up loooooooong ago! It's hard enough sewing on a new machine. I've tried using a dinosaur like the one you have and it was a no-go for sure! Make sure to post what your sister-in-law says. I'm curious to know what happens.

  2. I so love the fact that you want to make your future babies clothing. I am also impressed with how hard you've been trying to learn how to sew on the machine. A trip to Florida will be fun and a one on one lesson...even better. Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. I am also a hand sewer. This past year our congregation put on a bible drama with all the little kids and my fingers worked double time on way too many costumes to count. Whenever I needed something stitched in a cinch I would crash my girlfriends house and just shove the material her way. Let me tell ya, those machines save ALOT of time. I just wish I had the time to learn how to use one. :o)

    My best, Lynn

  4. I bought the electric sewing machine because it seems easy. I am enjoying it but I am not sweing as much as I should.

    I hope your sister in law gives you some help :), then you will start enjoying the adventure.

  5. seriously, good luck with that thing. you are better person than i am ... i think i would have probably quit by now. but i think for some reason you will be a pro at that vintage sewing machine very soon!

  6. At least you are sticking with it...keep us posted. I tried knitting and i couldn't even do that!

  7. I can't even hand sew :( take a trip to Germany or I go to MS and I'll bake you cupcakes and you teach me how to sew :D

  8. Oh I wish I knew how to sew! I have always wanted to take it up again! Good luck and can't wait to see what creations you start to make!


  9. I think it is so cool that you've taken on this project! I think sewing (esp. with a sewing machine) is so sweet and traditional and feminine. I'm sure you will master it, with or without help, and when you do I can't wait to see some ofyour designs! :-)

    Learning to use a sewing machine is on my Bucket List as well!!! One day.....

  10. You sound like me - I'll drive myself crazy trying to figure out something. But you should definitely give yourself a pat on the back for trying. I bet in no time you'll be whipping out the cutest little outfits :) BTW-is a baby on the way? Congrats, if so!

  11. I appreciate you all dropping by and leaving comments. Thanks for the motivation :) I will sure to keep you all updated.

  12. Formerly realtalk123, I just wanted you to know I changed my blog name.


    Later :)

  13. Hey Mrs. K, thanks for following! I was too excited to see your email. I always said that I do my blog for my sanity, but it is pretty cool to know someone else besides me is actually reading it :).

    PS. I love the labeling of the sewing machine. Had me cracking up for a while. :)


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